Driven Eyewear 

Spectacles from your favorite car

Nice wheels man! From nothing more than from their car do men derive their identity. The brand shows who they are, the machine is an extension of their ego. This made Daan see the link to spectacles, also an extension but, despite the trend of glasses as a fashion statement, with less of a relationship than the car.

With Driven Eyewear De Haan turns the emotional bond between man and car into fashionable eyewear. Literally. The frame is cut from an old hood of the car type of choice. With it, the wearer of Driven Eyewear has become the owner of cool spectacles and the teller of a good tale. The hood? It ends up on the wall as a customized ready-made. By the way, Driven Eyewear is also for women. Naturally.

Check this video.

fotografie: Henny van Roomen