Elemental campaign Canon 

Een showcase to experience a brand

Canon has created a fictional brand to show, in B2B marketing, that the company offers solutions for all occasions in which the user encounters the brand.


The fictional brand is the beauty line called Elemental. For printed products in the street, at home as well as in stores, he has used and even developed applications in cooperation with Océ and Canon. Think of personalised invitations, mailings, invoices, flyers, picture postcards, displays, but also imprinted furniture, textiles, floor prints, lamp shades and wrapping.


The showcase exhibit is on show in the CEC in Venlo, during Pure digital in Amsterdam and at the FESPA in Berlin in May 2018.

Photography: Egon Notermans

Partners: Jannie Schmitz, justblocks.nl, Coenen Interieur, Falquon, La Linia verlichting.