Factory of the Future 

showcasing a factory for your visitors

In the Venlo Canon-Océ plant process engineers have implemented a new lay-out for the assemblage of five different printers (cutsheet and broadsheet). All is based on the so-called LEAN manufacturing philosophy, in which perpetual optimisation of processes and working environment (Kaizen) play a central role.


Daan was asked to adapt the factory to enable visits by third parties (suppliers, customers, tourists etcetera). There is a room where presentations are held and where visitors can experience what “Continuous Improvement”really means and how the organisation is geared for this.


Next to that a clearly defined boulevard has been created where visitors can see how employees optimise their working environment (Kaizen posters).


Visitor who take a guided tour should first put on suitable clothing and are provided with anti-static footwear (ESD). Daan also designed the cloakroom area.



On entering, visitors see the clear divide between the so-called ESD-area and the little boulevard. The divide (a barrier of acrylate and a tubing system) is made of waste material from an Océ process elsewhere in the factory.



There are further plans to structure the signing in the factory in order to show clarify the phases a machine goes through up to delivery to the customer. Another plan is to create a platform from which visitors have a comprehensive view of the whole factory.