Fake Tits 

DJ Max Kolster and MC Jerino

DJ Max Kolster and MC Jerino Lekatompessy aimed to strengthen their marketing and asked Daan to design and visualise a logo, branding and a promotional campaign. They had already thought of a name: Fake Tits, with light reference to exhibitionism and the overdone imaging trend. Together with associate Tijn Bakker an atmosphere of perversion, including trenchcoats and pink plastic playgarden balls was created. Peter de Ronde of Zebra Studios made a wonderful series of photos that fitted the bill perfectly and formed good promotional material for bookers.

First Noise Booking of the Hague took the bait right away and now Fake Tits are a welcome feature at the big festivals. They provide care-free and broadly valued entertainment, which will shortly be supported with a genuine pink playgarden balls gun. .