Floriade Dialogue center 

interior design and production of a knowledge centre

After the kick-off of the Floriade –when a sneak preview was no longer needed- the preview centre could be turned into the Dialogue Center: a physical platform in which innovative forces are gathered to initiate the dialogue about food production in the self-sustaining city. The Dialogue Center was to offer space to lectures, workshops, discussion and information. Can interior design advance such a dialogue? Yes it can, says Daan de Haan. For example, by opting for a transparent scheme, mobile furniture, blackboards and mobile panelling, he created a space in which both plenary sessions and informal talk could take place. Furthermore De Haan delivered expertise in communication, advising on the way in which the results of earlier dialogues could be presented. In order to promote out of the box thinking, Daan inserted, as a cherry on top and to educate and entertain, some projects by Design Academy students into the Dialogue Center. Should the dialogue falter, their ideas might inspire those present to explore different ways of thinking.