Interior design pop-venue

Hey Ho, Let’s Go! At long last, after years of struggle, Venlo now has a brand new pop-stage. A whole generation, among whom Daan, rejoices. Before this he had got the assignment to pimp the Perron55 venue, a slightly pathetic work compared to the new building.

Van Dongen-Koschuch architects conceived a splendid design in which function and user came first. The main part of the interior was designed by the architect, but the final touch formed a nice challenge. In cooperation with Jannie Schmitz and Kim van Bakel the complementary design was taken care of. Kim van Bakel, in her own inimitable way, designed the offices, the staff room and the artists’ lounge. Jannie and Daan took care of interior and exterior routing and furnished and decorated the foyers and restaurant. All this in cooperation with Berden Wonen, Van de Ham Reklame, Imagine Designs, DesignXpress, Gies Backes and, of course, the entire Grenswerk team.


Contact Daan or Jannie for a new interior design experience and to have a pizza or, even better, book tickets for a concert.

Fotografie: Milou van Helden