Information Groote Heide 

for Limburgs Landschap Foundation

Dave Kremer of Andi print solutions in Beek invited Daan to participate in a pitch for the new Limburg Landschap information centre at Groote Heide in Venlo.

When this resulted in a commission, Jos and Toon Nowacki asked Daan to design the catering part as well so that it all fitted together.This resulted in a fresh and Scandinavian interior design in local kinds of timber like oak, beech, pine, spruce and douglas. In large photos and sleek displays visitors are informed about plant and animal life at Groote Heide.

The restaurant forms the fulfilment of a long-standing wish of the many visitors of the nature reserve.

Not only with the users, but also with Edmond Staal and Lia Oosterwijk of Limburgs Landschap a lot of consultations were held and there was much cooperation with Joost Reijnen, architect, RHB - Natural Wood Design en Slangen interior.