Miniature Seacon Stadium De Koel 

assignment VVV-Venlo

To show their gratitude for years of financial and adminstrative support VVV-Venlo wished to present Seacon Logistics with a miniature Seacon Stadium de Koel. Daan de Haan was asked to explore the possibities and to produce this. By combining 3D-printing and casting techniques this resulted in a 30 by 30 centimeter model with a bronze finish, mounted on a wooden pedestal.

To realise this Daan worked in cooperation with Verheijen-Smeets Architects for the CAD-drawings, Shapeways for the 3D-printing and Frank Vostermans for the pedestal.

The result is on show in the entrance hall of Seacon Logistics headquarters in Venlo-Blerick. A synthetic replica is available for the VVV-Venlo museum.

Of course Daan hopes to be commissioned for this again after the renovation and extension of Covebo Stadium de Koel.