Revitalisation of a canteen 

with Ellis Regina Jansen for Océ

For the consumables factory team (who make the stuff the customer needs to operate the printers: ink, toner, opc-belts) Daan has realised a project consisting of several parts.


An old canteen was designated as the place where operators and other employees from different plants were to meet more often and have lunch together. Commitment of operators is stimulated by a fresh-looking meeting place. Océ also wishes to show applicants and young professionals that investments are made in the working conditions, thus aiding the hiring of (scarce) staff.


First we put new life into the canteen by giving it a paint job. The space is situated in one of the oldest parts of the Océ premises and it possesses some good architectural qualities (remindful of a post-war kindergarten). A lot of light, good-looking slats etcetera. Next tgo the paint job we fitted the tables out with prints and put in picnic tables to encourage people to meet informally or have quick work meetings. The former buffet is now the location of the coffee machines, with classy cut-out lettering (all done by CAS stall builders).


Second, together with photographer Ellis Regina Jansen, Daan thought up a project to visualise all production processes in a spectacular way. The manufacture of many of the consumables is quite interesting, especially when seen from up close. Chemical and mechanical processes, an insider’s view.


With this project we wish to show people on the workfloor just how wonderful their products are, but we also want to apply art in the offices related to the factory’s functions.



Ellis submerged herself in seven production lines and managed to record the power and essence of the products splendidly. The abstraction and mystery keep the images intriguing and make the insiders the only ones who can explain what’s actually happening.

Photo's by Ellis Regina Jansen